Our Team

Siloe provides strategic solutions to international organisations, governments and to the private sector on labour issues, international mobility, recruitment and Human Resource plans. We have run more than 60 projects in over 50 countries across the globe. Siloe is an initiative of AndreaSalvini Ltd. and Georg Bolits.

Andrea Salvini
Policy Advisor and Labour Economist

Andrea Salvini has 18 years of international experience as labour economist and policy advisor on employment, skills development and labour migration (policy, strategy, legislation, information systems and programme design).

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Georg Bolits
Policy Advisor and Information System Specialist

Georg Bolits has 5 years of experience in providing policy advice and technical expertise to governments and international organisations on skills, labour and mobility policies, as well as technology consulting in various sectors.

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Hedajat Selim
Migration Expert

Hedajat Selim is a migration and human rights specialist with 9 years of international experience counselling migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and providing training to government staff, employers and trade union representatives on migration issues.

Sayanti Sengupta
Social Protection Expert

Sayanti Sengupta has 3 years of Project Management experience working with international donors, NGOs and governments across Europe, Africa and Asia on social protection and development projects.

Katherine Durand
Labour Lawyer

Katherine Durand is a labour lawyer with more than 8 years of work experience for the public and private sector. She specializes in labour rights, decent work and social justice.

Aqeel Ahmad
Human Rights Lawyer

Aqeel Ahmad is a lawyer and development practitioner by profession with 4 years of experience in supporting governmental and non-governmental organizations on human rights, criminal justice and migrants in detention.