Andrea Salvini

Policy Advisor and Labour Economist

Andrea Salvini has 18 years of international experience as labour economist and policy advisor on employment, skills development and labour migration (policy, strategy, legislation, information systems and programme design).

Andrea is an expert in design and implementation of integrated Labour Market Information Systems, providing assistance to up-skill migration corridors and implementation of Bi-Lateral Agreements (BLAs), immigration systems and solutions for countries of destination.

Additionally, Andrea is experienced in conducting trainings, workshops and teaching on employment policy strategizing, labour market analysis and migration. Andrea has previous experience as a Labour Economist at the ILO Office for Viet Nam and as a Technical Expert on Employment and Labour Market Policies at the ILO sub-regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest, where he acquired expertise on labour and development in transition countries through the implementation of seven development cooperation projects.

In addition to these achievements, Andrea has collaborated with the London School of Economics and with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in 2005 on the evaluation of the European Structural Funds, and worked for the OECD in 2002-2003 on the Social Aspects of Sustainable Development.