Skills Needs Forecasts

We identify emerging skills needs and help you develop and maintain a long-term skills development strategy. Our knowledge society needs timely information on the skills required by companies, industrial sectors and national economies.

We support businesses, industrial clusters and governments by identifying emerging skills needs at company, sectoral and macro-economic level. Our skills forecasting solutions prevent occupational shortages before they can even arise.

We work closely with our clients to develop tailor-made strategies for attracting, developing and retaining the human resources they need.

We conduct macro-economic labour market analysis to develop realistic scenarios of emerging labour shortages by educational attainment, economic activity and main occupational profiles. Our approach combines administrative datasets with primary research and big data techniques to provide accurate forecasts for governments and international organisations.

We perform sectoral analyses to identify temporary (12-18 months) and structural (2-5 years) skills needs for industrial clusters and local governments. We have expertise in conducting specialized analyses of atypical sectors, drawing on our network of partners across the globe. Atypical sectors we covered in the past include care work, maritime transport and the cruise sector.

We help our private sector clients to run enterprise-level skills needs assessments. Based on a client’s business objectives, we assess temporary and emerging skills needs in the light of labour supply trends to develop tailored skills acquisitions strategies.

We help our clients develop sustainable human resource strategies to build, develop, and retain the skills that help companies evolve.

We provide technical trainings to our clients to enable staff to independently replicate skills needs assessments in the future based on a user-friendly methodological canvass.

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Our projects in the category

Government of Egypt 2021 - 2022
Covid-19 Rapid-Response Advisory Services Under Solidarity Package 2 Supporting the Government of Egypt in detecting ten suitable countries of destination to promote out-migration of low-, semi- and high-skilled Egyptian jobseekers. Providing strategic advice to the Government on how to operationalise the findings through market-making missions, negation of Bilateral Labour Agreements and adjustment of recruitment frameworks and practices.
Government of Nepal 2020
Labour Market Intelligence for Nepal Labour Market Intelligence for Nepal. The work aimed at appraising potentials of different countries of destination to maximise wages, working conditions, remittances and integration prospects for low skilled and medium skilled perspective Nepali emigrants. Potential countries of destinations were screened looking at skills shortages, immigration systems and possibilities to lobby for regular recruitment of large number of pre-trained Nepali.
Governments of Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia 2019
Training programme for national authorities on labour market re-integration Training programme for national authorities on labour market re-integration. Series of interactive trainings on instruments for re-integration of return migrants through recognition of prior learning and skills testing across migration corridors. Facilitating bi-partite reflection workshops for public employment services and employers’ organizations on labour needs assessments, profiling techniques and skills matching systems.
Governments of Tuvalu and Kiribati 2018 - 2020
Labour Mobility Intelligence for Kiribati and Tuvalu Labour Mobility Intelligence for Kiribati and Tuvalu. Labour Mobility Information Systems in Kiribati and Tuvalu to facilitate skills matching for Australia and New Zealand. Smart profiling and targeting of jobseekers. Staff development programmes for key managers and labour officers from design to turn key of hardware and software.
Government of Thailand 2018 - 2019
Labour and Skills Needs Assessment of migrant workers Labour and Skills Needs Assessment of migrant workers. Developed a model for ASEAN member countries to estimate sectoral needs of migrant workers in key occupational profiles, based on forecasting exercises of labour needs in the elderly care sector and the fisheries sectors, linked to recommendations for Thailand's migration policy and the TVET system.
ILO, APEC 2018 - 2019
APEC Review of Labour Market Assessments and Skills Forecasting Review of skills assessment tools in APEC economies. Diagnostic recommendations for enhancing comparability of employment statistics and skills needs assessment tools across APEC member states. Acting as ILO avisor on APEC forum on statistics for labour needs assessments and mobility.
IOM 2018 - 2019
IOM's flagship handbook on the reintegration of return migrants Authoring IOM's flagship Handbook on the reintegration of return migrants. Provide practical guidance to government authorities, International Organizations and NGOs on the design, implementation and monitoring of reintegration assistance. Development of handbook components on economic and structural interventions, including chapters on labour market assessments, targeting skills interventions to sectoral needs and developing skills-sensitive regular migration corridors
State of Punjab (Pakistan) 2017 - 2018
Bilateral Agreement between Punjab and Qatar on skilled migration Bilateral Agreement between Punjab and Qatar on skilled migration
▪ Provided advisory services to implement a bilateral agreement between Punjab and Qatar on skilled migration.
▪ Conducted a functional assessment to create provincial authority to promote emigration from Punjab to Qatar.
Government of Mali 2017 - 2018
Support to Free Movement of Persons and Migration in West Africa Project Support to Free Movement of Persons and Migration in West Africa Project - Labour Market and Migration Information System (LMMIS) for Mali.
▪ Supported the Government in the design and implementation of a Labour Market and Migration Information System (LMMIS).
▪ Designed a data collection and mapping system for the re-integration of return migrants.
▪ Designed a system of matching for skilled returnees based on Skills Needs Assessments at local and sectoral level.
▪ Acted as a resource person in two training programmes for ONEF (Malian National Employment and Training Observatory) managers and key officers to put in place the new LMMIS.
Government of the Maldives 2015 - 2016
Review of the quota system and targeting of skilled occupational profiles Review of the quota system and targeting of skilled occupational profiles.
▪ Conducted a labour needs assessment for foreign workers in the Maldives.
▪ Prepared a proposal to review the quota system and the immigration system of the Maldives.
▪ Provided inputs to the Jobs Strategy 2015-2025.
Government of Sri Lanka 2016
Labour market trends for skills assessment in the migration corridors between Sri Lanka and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries Labour market trends for skills assessment in the migration corridors between Sri Lanka and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
▪ Analysed skills matching systems between Sri Lanka and GCC to align skills of migrants with needs of employers in construction.
▪ Conducted a labour and skills needs assessment of GCC countries to improve skilled migration from Sri Lanka in the construction sector.
Bureaus of Statistics of Bagdad and Erbil 2015
Skills Assessment Survey for Baghdad and Erbil Skills Assessment Survey for Baghdad and Erbil.
▪ Supported UNESCO in design of a Skills Assessment Survey for the regions administered by Baghdad BOS and for the two regions administered by the Erbil BOS.
Government of Vietnam 2010 - 2012
EU-funded Labour Market Project for Viet Nam EU-funded Labour Market Project.
▪ Managed a team for the EU-funded Labour Market Project, employment policy and LMIS components (€9.3 million).
▪ Coordinated assistance to develop a national employment strategy.
▪ Design of LMIS upgrade aimed to provide timely estimates of skills needs and occupational shortages.
Government of Moldova 2009 - 2010
Skills assessment survey - Moldova Skills assessment survey - Moldova.
▪ Designed and implemented a skills assessment survey in Moldova on the food and beverage industry (production, transformation and sales of agro-business).
Government of Moldova 2005 - 2010
Labour needs assessment of the Moldovan economy Labour needs assessment of the Moldovan economy.
▪ Designed labour scenarios and skilled needs assessments for Moldova using stock-flow models to summarize partial impacts of replacement and expansionary demand of labour in the period 2011-2016